Troubleshooting Information (AKA about:support) Status

Feature Description

Mozilla's support organization has a longstanding request for a Firefox diagnostic page that can provide information about the user's Firefox installation such as which extensions are installed and what prefs have been modified.  The result is the "Troubleshooting Information" page, which is also accessible by typing "about:support" in the location bar.  This feature is fairly constrained for 3.6 since we didn't start work on it until a few days before string freeze. 

Project Page: Firefox/Projects/about:support
Bug: 367596 -  (about:support) [RFE] Create a support info page/lister.


  • Landed!  Troubleshooting Information is now available in both trunk and Firefox 3.6 nightlies.
Next Steps
  •  Bug 518601 -  Troubleshooting Information page should not allow copy-and-paste of the profile directory.  This is a potential security issue and needs to be addressed before Firefox 3.6 ships.
  •  Bug 516616 -  Add an "Installation History" section to about:support.   Nice to have for 3.6.
  •  Bug 516617 -  Add an "Update History" section to about:support.  Nice to have for 3.6.

  • This is a starting point, not an ending point.  We can extend the functionality for Firefox 3.7.