Troubleshooting Information (AKA about:support) Status

Feature Description

Mozilla's support organization has a longstanding request for a Firefox diagnostic page that can provide information about the user's Firefox installation such as which extensions are installed and what prefs have been modified.  The result is the "Troubleshooting Information" page, which is also accessible by typing "about:support" in the location bar.  This feature is fairly constrained for 3.6 since we didn't start work on it until a few days before string freeze. 

Project Page: Firefox/Projects/about:support
Bug: 367596 -  (about:support) [RFE] Create a support info page/lister.


  • The implementation went through seven or so revisions in the days just prior to Firefox 3.6 string freeze.
  • Current page design includes "Application Basics" (App name, version, profile directory, etc.), "Installed Extensions", and "Modified Preferences".
  • Strings for all of the above were landed on trunk and the 1.9.2 (Firefox 3.6) branch in a strings-only patch.  This patch also included strings for "Installation History" and "Update History" sections, in hopes that we can get those features in as well for Firefox 3.6 (Bugs 516616 and 516617).
  • Discovered a performance bug in the FUEL preferences API (Bug 517312).  I've rewritten part of this code to use the lower-level preference API, which avoids the bug and is just much speedier all around.
Next Steps

Address the remaining issues from the last round of code review, and see if we can get the main patch landed.

  • This is a starting point, not an ending point.  We can extend the functionality for Firefox 3.7.