404 Error Page Status

Feature Description

We want Firefox to override server-supplied 404 error pages in certain cases.  The Firefox 404 page should provide the user with tools we think are more useful to the user for resolving the situation, than the server supplied page.  This includes alternate ("did you mean") URLs derived from the Places database and some pre-loaded search links/controls.  This is being tracked in bug 482874.



The primary sticking point is the review of docshell/resources/content/notFoundError.xhtml.  The network error pages seem to be poorly owned, and it’s not clear to me who to even ask for review.

Final L10N approval is waiting on error page approval.

There are some relatively minor changes to nsDocShell.cpp since Boris Zbarsky’s approval last year.  I don’t think this is a big deal, but it is C++ and it is in docshell, so it probably needs a further look.

There’s one minor outstanding change needed for RTL approval.

Next Steps

A code reviewer for notFoundError.xhtml needs to come forward and help me out. Any suggestions?

If a code reviewer materializes and provides code review, I’ll take care of the necessary code changes.  I have already tried (without success) to try to run down a code reviewer myself, so I need help from someone to do that.


  • Just a reminder: I am not longer a Mozilla employee, just a volunteer.  I have time right now to work on this feature.  In another month or two this may not be the case.
  • This page has been translated to Belorussian, see http://pc.de/pages/404-error-page-status-be.