First Post(erous)

I need a blog. I've experimented with Blogger in the past and I've been underwhelmed. Wordpress looks like it's just too complicated to run myself, plus I'd need to upgrade my web hosting account to use it. A hosted Wordpress blog at might be an option, but it looks like if you go that route that you don't easily have access to all those Wordpress plugins. I've also investigated PyBlosxom, but I can't get it to install, although I may take another look at it when I'm more motivated. In the meantime, I'm checking out Posterous. Right now it's pretty minimalist, although in a different way than PyBlosxom and the other Blosxom variants. I really like the idea of posting by email, not least because I don't need to use one of those crummy web-based WYSIWYG editors in order to post.