Firefox weirdness on OS X when launching from the command-line

Mozilla issued me a new MacBook, and I've been trying to get it set up for development.  In particular I wanted to get it set up for Firebug development since that's my primary focus right now.  This should be easy -- Firebug is just an extension written in JavaScript.  However, one thing I wanted to do is set up a build script that will automatically launch Firefox using a specific profile just for testing.  It's not at all hard to launch Firefox from the command-line in OS X, except that I was getting really bizarre behavior: A Firefox window would appear, but there would be no menu bar, and indeed, Firefox didn't show up in the applications list when you hit command-tab.  Even worse, there was no way to get keyboard focus into the window.  You could close the window by clicking on it, but then you'd have a zombie Firefox process that you couldn't quit, and you couldn't Force-Quit it, because it didn't show up in that list either.  It was necessary to kill it from the command-line.

I tried everything I could think of, and a handful of times, everything worked, and then it went back to being broken.  Eventually I discovered that the path to the executable that I typed out differed from the path in the filesystem by the case of a single letter.  I had /Applications/, when what I really wanted was /Applications/ (MacOs ==> MacOS).  That was it.

Addendum: This is now bug #453913 in Bugzilla.